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Getting a car loan after bankruptcy is easier than getting a credit card. $0 money down car loans are approved for all credit types including bankruptcy or consumer proposal anywhere in Canada. The only requirement is that you’re employed and earning over $1800 per month.

What Happens to My Car in Bankruptcy? – Bankruptcy Canada – A common question many people considering bankruptcy have is about what happens to my car in bankruptcy? The answer to what happens to your car in bankruptcy or a consumer proposal depends on several factors about your vehicle.

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My co-signer has filed for a bankruptcy. How does this affect my credit? What Happens when a Cosigner files Bankruptcy ? For some people, especially those who have bad credit, getting a co-signer on a loan is a great way to borrow money and build credit.

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Co-Signer Is Still On The Hook After Bankruptcy. Home Blog Co-Signer Is Still On The Hook After Bankruptcy. Posted in Debt Help. By Rebecca Martyn, CGA, LIT. 2014-07-15. Lenders often will want a "co-signer" on money loaned to people who represent a marginal credit risk. Parents may co-sign for their son or daughter’s first car loan or mortgage because they don’t yet have a.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges most unsecured debts, like credit cards, and allows you to keep secured debts like car loans and home mortgages if you agree to repay the loans. If you have a cosigner on your debts, your cosigner will still be responsible for the debt, despite your bankruptcy filing.

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What Will Happen If the Cosigner of Your loan files bankruptcy? The prospect of building your credit with a cosigned car, home or personal loan is exciting. Your first big loan is a major milestone on your road to financial adulthood and can make or break your reputation in the eyes of future lenders.