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Low lease prices, low ARP financing and other programs all apply to a service loaner at an authorized new car dealership. If you want a quality car that is reliable and gives you piece of mind, buying a service loaner from an authorized new car dealer is going to have far more benefit than buying a rental car.

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States May Slow Spread Of Vehicle Subscription Services – However, the services face potential roadblocks from state lawmakers and regulators that could keep “subscribing” for a car.

I work in a car rental, have been for just about a year now. Vast majority of our cars aren’t really ours, they are operating leases. That means we mostly have each car for a year and for some amount of kilometers driven, that being in most cases.

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A service loaner car is in essence a rental car without the title. Many dealerships contract out their service loan cars to rental car companies. The only thing a dealer’s own service loan cars does is guarantee the same make. Hopefully you’re paying the price of what you’d pay for an ex-rental car.

 · Is a Demo Car with 6,000 Miles New or Used? Nobody really gets a good deal on a demo car. That’s why I do not recommend buying them. Since no pricing data is available, you can’t easily valuate it. In most states there are no laws about labeling a car as new or used, except that once it has been titled, it’s used.

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