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Decisions, decisions. Your bankruptcy filing requires that you state your intentions about reaffirmation right up front.. Translated, that means what are you going to do about the car after bankruptcy. The car on which you still owe money and need to get to work. In the midst of all the other information needed to file a Chapter 7, it’s hard to get your head around reaffirmation.

I Filed Bankruptcy.Can I Sell My House Now and Keep My. –  · There are a lot of questions that need answers before the decision to file bankruptcy. There are a lot of questions that come up during the bankruptcy process. And there are more questions that crop up once the bankruptcy is closed and the discharge is received. One common “post-bankruptcy” question is, “Can I sell my [.]

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TORONTO – If. paying back part of your debts. “It’s kind of that in-between option,” said Koehli. Both a bankruptcy and a consumer proposal can cover unsecured credit and debt like credit card debt.

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Bankruptcy: If you file for bankruptcy, you might stop the repossession process-at least temporarily. Your. the car will go to auction, you can try to attend and bid on the car. If you win, you.

Does My Husband’s Car Get Taken if I File for Bankruptcy. – The easiest way to protect your husband’s car when you file bankruptcy is to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. bankruptcy law protects all the assets of a debtor who files Chapter 13 bankruptcy, meaning the court will not seize any of your property or that of your husband. This is true even if you share a joint car loan with your husband.

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For Example once you file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, nobody can collection on a debt and you can redeem or cram down your loan to the actual value, or surrender your vehicle altogether and get out from under your underwater car loan.

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Keep in mind that under either chapter, you’ll have to pay the car loan if you want to keep the vehicle. But in some instances, you might be able to pay something less than what you owe. Your Car in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. chapter 7 bankruptcy takes about four months to complete and doesn’t require you to enter into a repayment plan with creditors. You also get to keep, or "exempt," a.