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17 Things to Do Before You Junk Your Car for Cash to an Auto Salvage Yard .. The easiest way is to pay off the loan first, then scrap your car. Depending on what you owe and how much scrap value your car will bring, you may be able to pay the lienholder out of the proceeds from the sale, if.

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How Car Title Loans Work. Car Title loans in Ontario are similar to personal loans, the only difference is you use your vehicle as collateral to secure the loan. Your credit rating is not an issue and you get to keep and drive your car (your ownership remains in your name). 12 to 36 month terms available and it costs nothing to apply. You can:

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Scrap it Yourself. How to scrap a car with no title yourself. If you are handy with tools and have worked with cars before, you will be able to scrap it yourself. You can cut up the metal so it no longer looks like a car, but just sheets and pieces of metal. However, you must still own the car and have a right to do so.

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Can scrapping a car with a title loan on it put me in jail? – Avvo – No, you have not "stolen" the car, you have sold it. I am also surprised the scrapyard took it without a title, which presumably the loan company currently has in their possession. The lien is now worthless as is the title, but your credit is of value. Keep paying if you can. In fact, pay the balance if you can to clear the issue and avoid interest.

No title is sometimes a problem – Junk Cars Atlanta area- Sell Your Car. – No title is sometimes a problem . December 21, 2016 | Rashaad Hodges | Blog 0. Trying to sell a junk your car and need a new title? Visit the Motor vehicle main office. or State Tax Commissioner located at. 4125 Welcome All Rd Sw. Atlanta, Ga 30349. This is the only place in Georgia that you can walk up to a counter and immediately receive a.