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For example, if your income is Rs 10 lakh and you have paid interest on your Car Loan of Rs 25000, then you are liable to pay tax only on Rs 975,000 Besides getting a deduction on the interest you pay, you can also claim tax benefits on the depreciation of the car and other expenses such as fuel and maintenance if you use it for business purposes.

can we claim car loan interest on taxes Toronto getting a car loan with no credit history Toronto This could impact how quickly you get approved for a car loan or the interest rates and fees associated with the car loan that you qualify for, especially when you apply with a bank – a lending institution that typically has more strict policies when it comes to approving someone with no or poor credit history.When you do roll up in your own car to claim a. at $475,000. Taxes, title and license, along with an application fee for.

Five tax benefits every student should learn.. at least share with them some of the tax benefits available to students. Here’s a list:. The loan will be included in her income, but she.

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Seven tax deductions that could save you money – The Globe and Mail – Seven tax deductions that could save you money. Where your employer required you to use your own vehicle in your employment and you did not receive a reimbursement or tax-free allowance to cover those costs, you’ll be entitled to claim a deduction for a portion of all your car costs. deductible costs can include gas, oil, repairs, insurance,

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Loans – Interest-free or low-interest. You have to include in income any benefit that a person receives as a result of an interest-free or low-interest loan because of an office, employment, or shareholding. The benefit is the amount of interest that the person would have paid on the loan for the year at the prescribed interest rates minus.

Tax benefits towards home loan repayment are offered under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Maximum amount of deduction allowed is Rs.1,50,000 which is a result of a raised figure announced by the Ministry of Finance in budget 2014-15.