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If you are wondering how automobile loans are handled when you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy, here are the main points to consider including what to do if the car has been repossessed. How to pay for a car in Chapter 13 Generally folks considering filing Chapter 13 are concerned about how their auto loans will be treated.

Luckily the Minnesota Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustees and many car loan companies recognize that people might need to replace their vehicles over the life of the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and so people can buy a new car during Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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The Chapter 13 trustee will weigh your need for the new debt with the impact the new debt will have on your ability to distribute money to existing creditors. Unsurprisingly, the Chapter 13 trustee will likely object if you want to buy an expensive luxury car at the expense of your existing creditors.

I had some major credit issues in the past and didnt think i would get approved for any type of car loan. I applied at and was approved the very next day! Thank you Dealer Loans Canada! Jason Smith . Finally got the dodge ram I was dreaming of thanks to I was never really a strong believer in these types of services, especially since I had a bankruptcy 2years ago.

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Where to Find Car Dealers Who Deal with Bankruptcy – It’s possible to get a car loan during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but if you filed Chapter 7, it’s less likely you’ll be approved for a vehicle loan while you’re in the process, mainly because it’s so.

In March 2018, an unnamed employee of the now-bankrupt Reagor dykes auto group asked former CFO Shane Smith in. That total includes loans of $13.8 million for 409 vehicles not in inventory, $11.6.

Chapter 13 and Your Next Car. Purchasing a car while repaying a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy agreement is a very involved process, and can be complicated if you haven’t prepared for it. When you agreed to your Chapter 13 repayment plan, you made a commitment to repay a portion of your debt to your creditors.