how to get my name off a joint car loan Toronto

How do I get my name off of a joint car loan. The place we bought the car has told us that he needs to just refinance the car. This is a somewhat shady car dealership. They said he needs to go somewhere else, take out a loan in his name to pay off the original one, then he will.

i purchased a car for my father 4 months ago,it had a lien. went to bank with car owner,watched as it was paid off and her bank gave me a printed letter that the loan was paid stated that the "loan#"was paid in full and also had the vin# as the car was used as collateral.

You may be able to refinance a car loan in your own name to get your cosigner off the loan. In essence, you’ll buy the car from your ex-spouse and go through the car buying process again.

how get out of a car loan Toronto In Toronto, he explained. factor causing the higher delinquencies in auto loans, particularly in the oil regions, such as Alberta and Saskatchewan. As oil prices began to go down, typically a.lowest apr car loan Toronto ontario chrysler jeep dodge ram’s Finance car loan payment calculator in Ontario Canada is very easy to use and it includes multiple interest rates to help you get as close as possible to your new or used car monthly or bi-weekly payment. We offer Low interest Rates on New and Used Cars loans.

Does a Car Loan Help My Credit Score?. which might temporarily shave a few points off your score. Refinancing a car has a. Any comments posted under NerdWallet’s official account are not.

how can I get my name off of a joint car loan? | Yahoo Answers – How can I get my name off of a joint car loan? I have a joint car loan where I am the primary, tried to help someone get a low interest rate since my credit is excellent (I know BIG Mistake) my name is not on the title of the car and the man is not paying his car payments, so I have been paying it in addition to loan protection.

car loan dealership vs bank Toronto Buying a Car: Line Of Credit Vs Auto Loan from Bank, to buy a car. – Buying a Car: Line Of Credit Vs Auto Loan from Bank, to buy a car, which is better? Hi Folks, when u get a line of credit from the car dealership dealer makes a profit. so u can bargain with him/her more —bank gives u better rates—if you pay off the line of credit, your credit ratings will improve drastically. e.g. paying off 10k 15k within few months hope it helped . Car dealership.

How to get a Student Car Loan in Toronto, Ontario, Canada? – The goal is to buy a car and add to your credit score, not damage it with unpaid loans you simply can’t manage. And don’t forget to include insurance and fuel and maintenance costs in the budget. Step 4: If your budget allows for a loan-assisted car purchase in Toronto or Mississauga, you’ll also want to check your credit score in advance of submitting the loan application.

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