putting a lien on a car for a loan Toronto

About Liens – Province of British Columbia – About Liens. A lien is a registered legal claim on personal property, most often used as security or collateral for a debt or loan. Liens are used to ensure repayment of loans or outstanding debt and are typically publicly registered.

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Otherwise, the IRS will put a tax lien onto your business’s assets. When the IRS puts a lien on your business assets, it means that the government gets paid their dues before any other creditor, which.

Once you pay off the loan, the lender will mail you a lien release and the title if they kept it per your states regulations. You will need to take the title and the lien release to the DMV office and request a lien-free title issued. An individual can file a mechanic’s lien for non-payment of a debt, such as for services or a loan.

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How to Put a Lien on a Car. When putting lien on a car, consider the regulations and laws that exist in your state. A lien holder can be an individual or an organization to which the applicant owes money. The title of the car will be held by the holder until the debt is paid in full. When placing a lien on a car, notify the titleholder.

Putting a lien on a house in Ontario is a way to stake a legal claim when a dispute involving payment arises. You can file a lien through the ontario provincial government using Service Ontario and, in most cases, Small Claims Court.